Lately, I've felt like my life is dead. No action, no nothing. Those jerks on the Reality TV shows have more excitement than me.

Now, this seems average and pretty much cliched, I mean, everyone feels like that at sometime in their life, some even take it for granted. Now this would be fine and dandy, especially in today's society, but I'm eighteen years old.

So I've been having this idea. Now I'm four days away from putting my idea in action. And it feels good. Very good. In fact, it feels so good, I'm going to share my idea with all of you, and honestly, I would like your support.

So visit:


And see how I'm going to pull a four month bicycle tour off on almost no money. Just as much drama as survivor, without the music!

James "Dio Rallen" Schiffer

P.S. Just kidding, it's not much now, but bookmark it and expect great things! Or at least, lousy things that are slowly improving as I get a $*%&ing clue.