The best free ride shoe on the planet
is the IMPACT from Five Ten.

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I can’t tell you how many times I hear people ask “what are the
grippiest pedals out there?”. I agree that nothing beats the feel
of a good platform pedal – but what makes it or kills it is the SHOE
you’re using. No matter how grippy the pedal is, if you’re not
using a shoe with a good proper sole the pedal won’t feel grippy.

I’ve been wearing Five Ten Impact shoes for the past few years
and can honestly say; if you use flat pedals, they are the best
riding shoes money can buy. How grippy are the Five Ten Impact?
I always tell people they are like Velcro when coming in contact
with flat pedals – once your foot is planted on the pedal; you
literally have to lift your foot off the pedal to reposition it.
This might need some getting use to if you’ve been using regular
shoes for riding, but once you get used to the grip – you will
be addicted! Perfect for DH racing if you prefer the freedom of
platforms – just feels like you’re clipped in.

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