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avner 02-17-11 11:54 AM

How about some decently priced, nicely cut windbreakers with some under spoken logos around the waist. :p

Scrodzilla 02-17-11 12:08 PM

Dude, do you have a crystal ball or something? They're coming!

hairnet 02-17-11 12:40 PM

No more flying squirrel? :cry:

Flying squirrels in Chile

bikessuck 02-17-11 12:40 PM

windbreakers?! DO WANT!

hey scrod I just ordered the nittos and some stickers. how long do u think til they come out to LA? honestly too. I'm patient :D

Scrodzilla 02-17-11 01:34 PM

They'll be in the mail by Monday at the absolute latest. Thanks!

calv 02-17-11 02:40 PM

What is the small chance the RETROGRESSION stickers clear and not white? :/

edit: Also, did you run outta Noodles? Don't see them listed anymore, and I noticed some price changes too!

Scrodzilla 02-17-11 02:56 PM

This batch of stickers are white but some clear ones will be coming soon. Nitto Noddles are still in stock but there are only so many things displayed on our front page. Click the 'handlebars' tab on the right.

Distributors lowering their cost on certain items means we can too. :D

calv 02-17-11 03:08 PM

Still don't have the handlebars I'm waiting for though ;)

Those clear stickers will look sick!! And I like how you're so legit with the prices dude.

Scrodzilla 02-17-11 03:20 PM

I know, man...they keep telling me RB-002s are on the way. My lady wants a set too!

Squirrelli 02-17-11 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by hairnet (Post 12240247)
No more flying squirrel? :cry:

Flying squirrels in Chile

Is that near the Andes?

calv 02-17-11 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by Scrodzilla (Post 12241179)
I know, man...they keep telling me RB-002s are on the way. My lady wants a set too!

I know man, those things look sick! But why do they only make them in 38cm (I think)? My shoulder width is closer to 42cm lol.

NikZak 02-17-11 10:34 PM

keep up the good work mate, the shop is awesome, my tshirt arrived today, love the bunch of stickers you chucked in there also

might keep an eye on those 002's when you get them in :)

Capocaccia 02-17-11 11:40 PM

Deda want....

Can anyone comment on what an average shipping cost for an item is? Just wondering what the total price of the product would be.

Scrodzilla 02-18-11 07:50 AM

I totally love those Deda Lowriders.

You can calculate shipping by putting stuff in your cart, choosing your country and clicking 'update total' before checking out.

boymonkey 02-23-11 04:39 PM

any chance of you carrying swan style double toe clips in the near future? I want to run double straps but dont want the quad gates.

Scrodzilla 02-23-11 04:43 PM

They're out of stock with out distributor right now but I'll keep checking and try to get some soon.

Lilcphoto 02-25-11 11:15 AM

I see you've started selling Pake track frames... Does this mean you might be selling leader frames in the future?

jasonnc80 02-25-11 12:11 PM

Scrod, what about c'mute frame? Any chance on selling those?

Scrodzilla 02-25-11 03:35 PM

We've been considering it but our distributor is out of stock. Maybe by spring.

Capocaccia 02-25-11 11:57 PM

Please build up those foers and sell complete wheels. It would be the coolest.

Scrodzilla 02-26-11 07:36 AM

We're working on finding a bigger space to work out of in the spring because we're quickly running out of room where we are right now. Once we do, wheel builds is most likely something that will happen. We probably won't keep complete wheels and wheelsets in stock but will make them to order.

dk2ck 03-13-11 01:49 AM

Hey Scrod, how tough is the lockring? I managed to scratch off a chunk of the lockring that came stock on my Motobecane Track and was looking into replacing it.

Scrodzilla 03-13-11 08:52 AM

My wife and a friend of ours who rides FGFS currently have them on their bikes and they've been awesome. I've had and seen lockrings that get chunks taken out of the notches when tightening/removing them and that's not the case with these (that I've found). I also like that it's a uniform thickness and that your lockring tool can't slip behind it and get stuck between the lockring and cog when tightening it down.

A few people on the forum are using them (NikZak for one off the top of my head) so maybe one of them will chime in.

Anthropy 03-15-11 09:37 PM

Hey Scrod,

How have those cogs been holding up? I have a hankering for a 16 and 17 tooth, but I see right now you only carry 17 - 19.


Scrodzilla 03-15-11 10:22 PM

We do have 18t in stock (there was an inventory error that has been fixed).

I have absolutely no issues with them and the one on my bike is holding up just fine and is really quiet.

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