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Scrodzilla 04-20-11 12:32 PM

The windbreakers? Not tight but nicely fitted.

patthepunk 04-20-11 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by Scrodzilla (Post 12523762)

These look sweet!

Scrodzilla 04-20-11 07:32 PM

Pat, please stop talking about my ass cheeks like that.

patthepunk 04-21-11 08:57 AM

Sorry, I cant help myself.

homebrewk 04-21-11 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by Scrodzilla (Post 12523762)

Hey, are those shoes Gazelles? If so, do you recommend 'em?

Scrodzilla 04-21-11 12:57 PM

I do recommend them! The soles are really stiff and typically where I would feel slight discomfort from my Sylvan Track pedals when wearing Vans, I can hardly feel the hot spots from the pedals at all when wearing Gazelles.

homebrewk 04-21-11 06:32 PM


Jared. 04-22-11 10:36 AM

ETA on the next batch of henchmen bags?

Scrodzilla 04-22-11 02:37 PM

Those things sold out way faster than we had anticipated. Because we make them in-house and have so many other things going on, it's taking a little bit of time to catch up. We're hoping to have them finished and restocked within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks so much to everyone here who is into what we're doing and supportive of our little company. It means a lot. :)

avner 04-25-11 02:34 PM

<3 you Scrod. Hope you end up in LA before I get the balls to leave the city. It'd be dope to have a B&M bike shop I actually like and support...and hang out behind drinking tacete tall boys...Right now I just hang out behind one and drink tall boys. not a huge fan of the shop just an easy spot to hang out in at bicycle alley

If I had more cash I'd totally be on Retro-gressions jock. And in other news, someone dropped a bike off at the Kitchen covered in your stickers. It had the Retro-gression, one less roadie and a few others on it. Someone was building it up on sunday while I was volunteering.

Scrodzilla 04-25-11 04:40 PM

C'mon, man...I wouldn't make you chug Tallboys out in the alley. We'll have a couch or two inside the shop specifically for hanging out and drinking beer. :D

hairnet 04-25-11 05:03 PM

but no Tecate allowed ;)

calv 04-25-11 09:27 PM

That's it, I'm moving to LA with my lady just for that.

thewilson 04-26-11 05:58 PM


Originally Posted by Scrodzilla (Post 12523762)

reminds me of this.

Scrodzilla 04-26-11 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by calv (Post 12556246)
That's it, I'm moving to LA with my lady just for that.

Do it. I'll be the Charlie Manson of fixed gear riding and y'all will be my children.

hairnet 04-26-11 06:32 PM

you're not going to feed us LSD are you?

Scrodzilla 04-26-11 06:35 PM

No... :innocent:

Aged Bike Fixer 04-27-11 11:02 AM

Need more knicks! I would have jumped on them if the 32" hadn't sold out so damn fast.

If you're not going to re-stock, maybe you could sell instructions/patterns for making them?

It's either that, or I'm going to spend the weekend at Mickey-Ds and supersize me to a larger size.

avner 04-27-11 11:22 AM

need pics of that wind breaker ASAP.

P.S go to Hell Hairnet.
P.S.S. feed me LSD Scrod.

Scrodzilla 04-27-11 11:52 AM

Taking some pics of the jacket later this afternoon. I'll post them here ASAP!

thewilson 04-27-11 12:21 PM

I'm totally going to rock one!

Scrodzilla 04-27-11 01:27 PM

Wilson is the only one who has seen one in person besides the Retrogression crew!

Here's the sneak peek:


Lightweight, waterproof and windproof soft shell jacket constructed from a breathable 9.8oz 95% polyester/5% spandex outer shell, 100% polyester micro-fiber liner with a super-thin water/wind resistant liner in between

Also features one chest zipper pocket, two front zipper pockets that serve as vents when left open, two deep inner pockets, dual bungee cord bottom closures and adjustable Velcro cuffs

avner 04-27-11 03:59 PM

I dont know if that will replace my Swrve jacket but I may pick one up to test it out then sell it off to someone. It looks very good, just wish it had pit zips which I've found are very Key.

homebrewk 04-27-11 04:15 PM

When are they coming out?

Scrodzilla 04-27-11 04:43 PM

They should have been out by now but we kept changing them. Trying to keep retail down on these - 50 bucks or below.

They should be hitting the store within the next couple of weeks in black and charcoal gray.

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