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    Questions about a potential ss build

    I currently have a ss/fg in my stable and I ride it very regularly. I am wanting to build, with the help of a friend who knows what he's doing, another one. The one I've got now is steel and pretty cheap. I want an aluminum frame, I think. My question is about the wheels. I've got 3 sets of Bontrager wheels that are take offs. All are in good shape. Will they work on a single speed? They are all 700c wheels. Also any suggestions on where to get the frame and the components would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Why aluminum? Steel gives a better ride quality and can have a better life span than aluminum.

    Bontrager is a company not a type of wheel! If the wheels are set up for a single speed freewheel, then you can use them for that if not you need a single speed hub and wheel that will fit your frame.

    Honestly I would ball the fug out and get the Nature Boy 853 which is a single speed disc brake equipped cross bike, that is made from high quality Reynolds 853 steel and has a Whisky carbon fork. You can also do the regular 4130 Chromo Nature Boy but that shiz is boring. My plan is once I get my new tourer built up and sell my old one and get some miles on it I will probably get a N.B. 853 and fix it ; )
    Quote Originally Posted by jhess74 View Post
    just flip it over to fixed and forget about brakes. check out the documentary "premium rush" for more info.

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