So here's a couple of funny (to me, anyway) observations about riding habits.

1) I just got a used Trek 560 road bike, and after tearing it down for a full overhaul I got it running again this weekend. I kept trying to brake with my feet and being surprised, and it took a good 30 minutes for the feeling of impending peril whenever I was coasting to dissipate.

2) I've been riding exclusively clipless for a bit over a year, including on my fixie. I but my clipless pedals on the road bike for the weekend and put the road bike's platform pedals w/toe straps on my fixie. While I like being able to get my feet out even faster if necessary, kicking in sucks! I've got no practice in that. Fortunately, I'm getting good enough at my track stand that I made it all the way to work only needing to put my foot down once, and that was because a car drove up onto the sidewalk while I was waiting for the light at Duboce & Market.