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Thread: Crank Woes

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    so y'all whitnessed last nights drama...for the next month ill be choosing parts and what not...first up currently using a converted stronglight set off ebay...i like em ...but it would be nice to say.."i have real track cranks..

    biz cycles seems to have a decent selection of what im looking for...

    sugino 75.....i like em...but a bit to not sure what makes them better than other options

    miche primato
    .....pretty....better price....pain in the ass spindle requirment...not such a big deal cuz im buying a new bb and i can just buy one to match

    stronglight....cheapest one BC sells and look almost identical to the road cranks im using now...sans being scratched up...seem nice

    are any of these actually better than the rest or are they all basicaly the same

    how about the sugino rds too....they are always up on ebay dirt cheap....i knowyou get what you pay for...but what will i not be getting with a set like this....

    go go go....


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    i'd go with the sugino 75s, true you'll pay a little more, but you'll have more bb options, and, if iirc, you're a big guy and cranks are not something you want to skimp on.

    disclaimer: i believe it's almost always cheaper in the long run to buy the best tools you can afford.

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