Oh, the Langster has been neglected.

Beautiful weather and an abundance of skateparks has lured me away from sprinting around town. Weekend trips to small towns with quarterpipes and spines. Sleeping in a minivan?! Yeah, I'm a BMX kid...well, not so much a kid anymore.

I got caught in a thunderstorm the other day while spinning around town, the lightning and pebble sized hail made it interesting. I did some long skids downhill to celebrate. As I was cranking in downtown Sioux Falls some guy yelled at me "IN THE RAIN?!" I replied with a "F%^@ YEAH!"

I don't know where I am going with this. I moved to a new city and decided to go internet free around a month and a half ago, so I kind of miss this place.

I am at a friend's and I woke up drunk.

Is absntr all healed up?