I know this is a forum that has some old folks that remember these bikes from companies like DiamondBack and others. They were lightweight cruisers, usually with a lot of color bling and mostly alloy parts.

I'd love to see these reintroduced. They were not only cool looking, but very rideable, durable and easy to maintain. They had marginal brakeing due to the longreach calipers but a new model could be made with V-brakes.

I doubt it would happen. Sorry to say, pre teen/teen and young adults seem to want suspension and lotsa gears. Sorry to say, that the cheap big box bikes in this catagory are real crap and are trash in a few weeks and end up a garage junk.

Yea, I see a resurgance of Alternative bikes from Phat Cycles and others but these are mostly CB and multi speed CB bikes. I have ridden them as well as the chopper styles and they are heavy and unweildy. Most feel like you drivinig a garbage truck with wheel alignment problems. They don't seem practicle for to me for other than bling.