Matthew here,

well i am jumping right on the fixie craze! hell at 1.15/litre-who DOESN"T need another bike eh??
so now you all know I am from Canada-Calgary Alberta to be exact.
my rides are (at present): mountain-specialized stumpjumper fsr comp-highly modified and a joy to pedal
road-1972 Zeus-orange crate orange-complete with world champion rainbow rings-a sweet retro ride that has gotten me back into road riding!!!
commuter - my old specialized hardtail-geeked right out with a rigid fork, slicks @ 100 psi, fenders and paniers-fast and practical!

so now i want a fixie because i long to be cool like the rest of you purists out there....and I need a winter project. i think I have enough info on frames etc - still looking for a frame - but I have a beautiful set of 700 c wheels in my garage that I would like to use-90's Sun rims w/ shimano 600 hubs-bomb proof right?! or at least good enough to still ride them. now to my question
can i just remove the 6 sp cassette and replace with 2 fixed cogs w/lockring, space them accordingly so my chain line is acceptable on either cog and call it a 2 gear fixie??? OR will I need to redish the wheel etc. / any other flaws any of you see with this approach. I would LOVE to go all out on this project and build a new rear wheel with a shiny lovely Paul or something but it's just not in the budget..and I am a big lover of reusing stuff!! any advice would be most welcome. thanks

bikes are cool...