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    hi, i just bought a dr jekll frame and am going to convert to single speed. im doing this because i do mainly dirt jumps and lips and i dont really change my gears much, also when i land i hate the chain rattleing around. would you say this is a good move? what are the other advantages of single speed? what do you think of the Dr jekll
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    I'm assuming you're talking about the Cannondale Jekyll and you just butchered the name.

    I dunno, FS never did much for me, I'm more of a hardtail kind of guy. It's no Scalpel, but its a good bike, no doubt. You should know, you own one
    Whether or not you want to go singlespeed is up to you. I'll leave it to the more opinionated people to chime in on pros and cons, but it sounds like you already have a good argument for going SS - not having all that junk rattling around. Just run a high-quality tensioner and be done with it.

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