Hello all,
i am putting an order in for velocity rims straight from america, hurray! they are impossible to get here in the UK, so its quite special. i only want a couple of pairs of them (some nice deep v's for my fixie, and some ATB rims for an old kona),
problem is the boxes they use fit 11 rims in, and its cheaper on the old postage, SO....
my question to you is, who wants some rims ordering? check out the website at http://www.velocityusa.com/ The rims are top quality, and proper nice, in the usa deep v's are on loads of fixies because thye are relatively light and very strong.
prices: look on this website http://shop.store.yahoo.com/alger-cy...cwheelset.html , get the price for the rim(s) you want then convert it in currency convertor here : http://www.xe.com/ucc/
this is how much it will be, plus a couple quid for shipping to you when they get to me.
Next step is to email me at huw@riseup.net , tell me what you want, then we can sort out how to get the money to you. you can pay me via paypal or cheque, or whatever.
im in manchester by the way, incase theres anyone who could pick the rims up rather than me send them again when they get to me.
anyway, if this proves popular i could get another shipment.
easy riding!
p.s im not making any money off this, after shipping and boxing them up again and sending them to you hopefully i can cover costs, i just may as well order a few sets instead of a few rims in a massive box!