i got a email from dennis at the fgg this morning. thought id pass it on

I'm headed to Baltimore for a gig tonight in this
still pounding rain (gig is inside). I know a few of
you are on my e-mail list and may have already gotten
this announcement. check it out if you like. Sorry if
it falls into a spam grey area..

"Weekend America" Fixed Gear Bikes, Rock n Roll,
This Saturday October 15th

Not exactly sure how to explain this one but the
"Weekend America" program as part of American Public
Media followed me around this summer through some
cycling adventures including my trip to the 1st Annual
International Fixed Gear Symposium in Traverse City,
Michigan. (where in addition to riding around some
beautiful country I played a solo acoustic set for my
fellow bike nuts)

I did a couple interviews from my home with a sound
crew and a photographer that took pics of my bikes and
recorded some bike sounds. They also spoke to some
bike shop pals of mine and grabbed a bunch of my solo
records and obtained a bootleg of my Fixed Gear
Symposium solo set.

Anyway, it seems that the producer of the segment is a
recent Fixed Gear cycling convert who likes music (may
have found me through my recent Bicycling Magazine
essay) and thought following me and my dual obsessions
of rock and roll and Track Bikes would be an
interesting ride.

The show will be on many NPR stations this Saturday
Oct. 15th.
find your local station here

You can also get the show as a Podcast this Saturday
after 3pm Pacific Time.

I hope you enjoy the show.