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    So Sunday I'm out in the Santa Monica Mountains attending a CORBA off road birthday bash at the Malibu Creek State Park. After making the climb up to one of our final poker stops its almost all down hill back to the start. I'm riding my fixed Surly 1x1 hop, skip, jumping all the way down this long climb having a great day with my friends in the dirt when my chain pops off. Immediately my brain knew something wasn't quite right when my feet were still connected to the cranks but not to the wheel. OH ****!! The ass end of my bike kicks several feet sideways and Hollywood swears I was either going down the enbankment or he was going to ride over me. Luckily the terrain wasn't too technical; I got the bike straight and applied my front brake. Yeah for brakes!! A quick adjustment of my tuggnuts and I was back riding the dirt.

    Fixie riding is fun.
    Fixie off road is a trip.
    Brakes are cool.
    That is all.
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