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    FGE mention on

    Checking one of my favorite photoblogs, and what do I see but naked guys on bikes! Good work TIP, your fetish is being integrated into the interwebs!

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    thanks!! I'm actually quite surprised by the links and mentions i've seen on and off the web, it was a joke and a response to I didn't know if people would actually send photos when i first started the site. Good times, thanks to everyone who submitted photos. I've been on hiatus as i'm being crushed by school but i've got a grip of new photos to go up in January.

    oh, and a shout out to Andy White! This $hit never would have started without his provocation.
    Ode to the after work nap ( ride your bike instead)

    Ode to the nap
    The evil, evil nap
    It lures
    you succumb
    But only with good intent
    Shortly I will rise
    But you do not.
    Do not succumb
    To the evil, evil nap

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