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    300 bucks for a fixie?

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    Was already posted in the ebay/craigslist sticky. See there. Ugly, cheap components. Not a bad deal since it comes with brake.....

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    it's a dawes. i don't think it's the same as the original dawes. but it doesn't look all that bad, it has sealed hubs and i don't think they're sovos. the tires pump up to a pretty high psi. it comes with a cog, and the brakes and cranks aren't that bad.

    id be most afraid of what it weighs, who knows it might be like 25-30 pounds, not to sound like a weight weenie, but that's a lot for a fixie.

    also i think they just took on of their other frames and substituted the drop out with fork ends during manufactoring. since it probably doesn't have a light frame, track geometry and the hubs might suck, your better of doing the rotafixa method on an old (overhauled) bike. im sure old road hubs are better than new cheap track hubs

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