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Thread: NYC Orthopedist

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    NYC Orthopedist

    I figure this is a good place as any, if not maybe you could point me in the right direction. I'm lookin for a good Knee / joint Dr. in NYC who knows a little more about bicycling specific knee pain and injury and who isn't a big proponent of using the knife.

    I've tried moving my seat up, down, left and right, adjusted the cleats and pedals, gears, etc .. and still having a bit of pain and moderate swelling. Think its about time to go see the doc.


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    I really, really like Dr. Jazrawi at... NYC Joint Center? on East 18th St or so. He's incredibly busy, and therefore sometimes brusque, but he made a really good impression on me, and I normally distrust doctors. I didn't see him for a knee; I saw him for first elbow and later cycling-accident-related wrist injuries, so I can't speak to his knee-ness.
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