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    Ok, gang. As many of you know, I'm outta here.

    I have some bike-related crap that I need to get rid of and I love my SS/FG peeps so I'm buying into the pay-it-forward idea. I could use the karma.

    PM me if you'd like any of:

    - An Eastern Mass Rubel bike map
    - Boston Rubel map
    - Cape Cod & North Shore map
    - Cape Cod & North Shore, waterproof!
    - Bridgestone MB-2 frame, 16". I'm 5'8" and it fits me, but just barely. A shorter person would do better. It's in rough shape, but still serviceable. Build yourself a winter beater. This comes with frame, fork, stem, bars, brake, racks, seatpost, and trashed BB. Basically everything you need sans saddle, cranks, and wheels. Hey, I might even throw in a saddle if you like. Nothing special, I promise.

    It's all free, so PM me and we can talk about how you get it from my place to yours.
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