I'm sick and have been laying around all day, and quite a bit of the time I've been thinking about pedals. Clipless, clips and straps, etc all have their plusses and minuses. Also, as far as city and FG riding is concerned, I think both systems could be improved upon a fair amount. What do you like and dislike about what you're using? I'm interested to know...

I ride clipless and love it. I love the power transfer, the security, and the ease of getting in and out. What I don't like is the rare occasion that I can't carry extra shoes and can't wear my riding shoes wherever I'm going. This happens a few times a year maybe, but it does happen. My other complaint is more with shoes than with pedals - specifically, I don't like it when the soles wear down and your cleats start grinding on pavement.

With clips and straps, I like just being able to wear regular shoes (though, again, I don't mind the clipless shoes 99.9% of the time), but they're not as secure (and no, I don't want to wrench down crazy hard on the straps), and power transfer isn't quite as good. I don't like how much less secure they feel in the wet, either.

PLEASE don't turn this into into a clipless vs clips/straps flame war. That's not the point. I want to know what you feel is good or bad about either, with the greater idea being that me or someone else might have some good thoughts on how to make either or both systems better.

PS I *am* sort of out of it thanks to the cold medicine, so please pardon any lack of coherency.