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Singlespeed & Fixed Gear "I still feel that variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailer? We are getting soft...As for me, give me a fixed gear!"-- Henri Desgrange (31 January 1865 - 16 August 1940)

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kind of a sad post i got off myspace

i know this isn't a fake one, as i've talked to this guy on several occasions before...but i figured this isn't a bad place to put this, either.

" If you don’t read or take any sort of action to any messages I post on here ever, please let this be the one. Anyone with a heart, anyone that believes in justice, anyone who has ever lost someone they love. Anyone who believes punishment for accidents caused by drunk driving should be strict and harsh and unacceptable. This is in regards to an amazing human that I knew simply as joey.

if you would like to skip the background and go straight to what you can go to help, scroll down to the section that is in bold.

Joey is slightly older than me (I believe 30 years old at the time of his passing), I am 24… he has been into the same music and scene as me for many years now….we actually began conversing because his wife Christina was posting a list of old records he was selling since he doesn’t actually pull out the records and listen to them much anymore. So we talk and work out a deal a few shirts/hoodie for some records I really would like to have….and we start talking on aim….. after a few months of talking nightly for a few hours a night…he was very wise, always had good advice, had the best methods for living life and was a huge positive influence on me.. I planned on traveling up to stay with him and his family for a few days for a big group ride through the five boroughs of NY that happens once a year…… I received a message from him on February 7th….i had just spoke with him 2 mornings ago saying he was sending out those records, so I thought it was just a short note letting me know what was up……that was not the case whatsoever….Christina his wife had sent me a message from his account to let me know he was in a bicycle accident on his way home from work…and was no longer with us…. Forced out of this world leaving behind friends who would have done anything for him, so many people he left positive impacts on, his wife, and his 3 year old son asher. He spoke the world of both his wife, his son, and the life he had made for himself/them. All the trials and tribulations leading up to where he was now…constantly giving me advice/critiquing my excuses for slacking basically….and just motivating me..but now hes gone.

Upon reading more on the news basically all the details are still being kept quiet while under investigation. what is known is the lady who hit joey was driving eradically and running into concrete walls, a cop began following her... she struck the cyclist (joey) and then the cop did as well. and according to the news report "she was apparantly drinking before the accident" for more information:

So why this post?

This matter is still under investigation and they are being very hush hush with the details, its still not released whether it was the drunk lady who killed joey, or the cop who hit him afterwards…all that is irrelevant fact of the matter is the lady was DRINKING and killed someone…. Whether directly her car physically doing the damage or not…it was DIRECTLY her fault. she should be brought to justice on this matter.

what can i do to help?

You can visit the district attorney’s office website address at:

The assistant District Attorney Todd brown is the one actually handling the investigation at this point. His email address is

When contacting these departments whether you call in, write in or email. Be as polite and professional as possible. You don’t want it to seem like you are harassing them, or being an ******* basically.. just let them know you feel this case is a top priority and that justice needs to be served in the matter. Be as heartfelt and passionate as possible but remember once again if they feel they are being badgered, harassed or just being talked rudely to they probably will not respond well. We want to help not hurt.

If everyone is to contact the DA handling this case, or get in touch with the court system and let them know how much of a tragedy the situation is. That you would like to see the strictest punishment possible be laid out for this horrible crime against such an amazing person…. Its not only something that affects the deceased, but imagine being his wife right now or 3 year old child…a 3 year old child who wont get to grow up with his father, who had 30 years worth of learning and wisdom to pass down and share with his beautiful son and wife. 30 years of living and abiding to strict lifestyles to ensure him to be the best mentally and physically he can be…. taken away in a moment due to someones irresponsible actions. everyone knows drinking and driving is bad. Everyone knows people DO get hurt…but people continue…. In this incident it was bad, someone got more than hurt, and now there is a lifetime of pain and suffering for many parties involved due to one persons careless behavior.

Also if you would like to make any sort of paypal donation for Christina and asher they have a paypal acct set up and payment can be sent to:

Please pass this along, if you are better with words and would like to rewrite this and resubmit it to me for reposting feel free..its my first time ever typing up something like this.

I just feel it needs to be addressed"
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Kind of sad???
It´s a ****ing tragedy..
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i still think myspace is stupid. not as stupid as drunk people though.
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Originally Posted by ink1373
i still think myspace is stupid. not as stupid as drunk people though.
Do sober people use myspace?
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Originally Posted by ink1373
i still think myspace is stupid. not as stupid as drunk people though.
if you add the last bit to your signature you won't have to repeat it in every thread.
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nothing: lasts forever
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some people turn signatures off. better safe than sorry.
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