Has anyone had a chance to compare the fit of both a Bianchi Pista and a Jamie Roy in the same size? Just got a totally unexpected $200 bonus check at work. I am thinking of buying a 53 cm IRO track frame that the lbs has hanging in its window. They have no IROs built up in that size so I can’t try it out. I ride a 53 Pista, but I could probably feel comfortable on a 55. I like the snug fit, but when I climb my knees could bump the bars if I let them. I realize that this is partly due to my stem length, but I wouldn’t want a frame that was any smaller. The specs show that the lengths on the Jamie Roy frame components are slightly longer, but the head and seat tube angles are 1.5º smaller. I'm okay with the more relaxed geometry, but will it end up feeling smaller?