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    International Keirin in Japan 2006

    Nihon Jitensya Shinkokai (Japan Keirin Association) announced guest players of this year's International Keirin in Japan 2006 the schedule.

    Guest players

    Name (Nation) [Participation year]

    Ryan Bayley (Australia) > [2004,2005]
    Ivan Vrba (Czech Republic) > [2005]
    Jos Antonio Escuredo Raimondez (Spain) > [2005]
    Mickael Bourgain (France) > [first participation]
    Craig Maclean (Great Britain) > [2002,2003,2004]
    Josiah Ng Onn Lam (Malaysia) > [2005]
    Theo Bos (Netherlands) > [2003,2005]
    Damian Zielinski (Poland) > [first participation]
    Andriy Vynokurov (Ukraine) > [2004]

    Race schedule

    1st stage

    Nara Keirin 27-29 June
    Matsuyama Keirin 28-30 June
    Sasebo Keirin 28-30 June

    2nd stage

    Kokura dome Keirin 04-06 July (night games)
    Kagetsuen Keirin 06-08 July
    Keiokaku Keirin 08-10 July (night games)

    3rd stage

    Kawasaki Keirin 17-19 July (night games)
    Hiroshima Keirin 17-19 July
    Kurume Keirin 17-19 July

    4th stage

    Matsudo Keirin 23-25 July (night games)
    Tachikawa Keirin 26-28 July
    Ogaki Keirin 26-28 July

    Guest players come to Keirin school of Japan in around June and train.

    The foreigner player participates in each venue by three people and fights
    against a Japanese player.

    The prize of six millionJPY=$60000 will be able to be acquired by winning the
    championship by all of the four stages.

    I will go to some International Keirin race.
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    thanks tomity.

    does anyone know if any cable channels follow keirin? it would be really fun to get into, but i think it might be hard, even if you're willing to subject yourself to television ownership.

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