A few weeks ago I was riding in the drizzle and the path I was on had a ped in it, I had a line planed out in my head to avoid him and as i cut behind him the bike dropped out from under me. About a week after that I was riding at a good clip when my group mate made a sharp turn when he noticed that we were about to ride past the road we planned on taking. I didn't crash then but the bike felt unsafe as I went through the turn. The turn was sharp but there was no pedal strike (which is a plus), but that makes me think it has something to do with the tires that I have.

I have the stock KHS junk tire in the front and a continental ultra gatorskin in the back. I keep my pressure at about 110-120.

I am thinking I need to replace my front tire with something stickier. Is that a correct assumption? What is a good recommendation?