Hi all,

I'm searching for a cheap solution to a non ugly stem that has little to no rise. The stem I currently have is whatever the hell comes stock on the Fuji Track 06. It's very ugly, rather thick, and it has an effective ~ 17 degree rise. I'm searching for a cheap solution to a quill type stem. If possible, a stem that would allow me to slip my handle bars in without taking the tape off. I had in mind a cheapie stem from Nashbar but don't have any experience with it. I had heard that these type of stems flex a lot, and I would use the search function, but it's not operating currently. Any input on these types of stems, or a stem fitting my requirements would be great.

Here's the link to the cheapie stem.


I'm no weight weenie so it doesn't bother me.
Also I was wondering if anyone has a stem of this style (since I've seen a few posted within the past few months) could bend enough when the top bolt is unscrewed to accept wrapped handlebars.

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: Forgot to put threaded/quill stem only in the topic title. Also nothing with a negative rise. Those Nitto's sure as hell look good, but have been deemed by many people as uncomfortable for street use.