July 14, 15, 16 Hartford and New Haven, CT.

Friday, July 14
Hartford Alleycat
afterparty hosted by the Hartford Bicycle Messenger Association

Saturday, July 15
Stage Race from Hartford to New Haven
Bicycle BBQ hosted by E.C. Scorchers B.C. featuring DJ's and brews
Trackstands, Skids, Crooked Crank, Midget Cyclocross, Stuff a BMX, ghettodrome, Clwn Bike Drag Races

Sunday, July 16
New Haven mega-alleycat
Afterparty at BAR hosted by Shaki featuring The Coup (epitaph records) and Icy Demons

all in time to catch the train home in time for work on monday

$5 each race. not all races are required, but encouraged as overall prize is based on points.

This sounds ****ing great!

So i guess i should start looking for a place to stay...