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    first fixie conversion help

    Ok, so I want to build up a fixed gear bicycle. I've read through the sheldon brown articles and the related articles he links to, but I still have a couple questions.

    So first I went through my garage and found i think to be the best junk bike pulled from a trash pile that I have. It's an older schwinn. I don't know what kind,, the stickers have rubbed off. I've stripped all the extra junk off (derailers, cables, rear brake, etc...) and now I'm looking online for parts I'm going to need. At first I thought I would just need a new rear track style wheel, but the crank has me all confused. Its not a 3 peice double like most of the conversion web sites talk about. It is a one-peice triple. What is the best way to handle this? Will I be able to exchange the crank with a new bottom bracket and crank? Can I just leave the one-peice crank? The rear dropout spacing is 130mm if that helps with anything.

    thanks for the help

    Blue Skies and Happy Trails.

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    i'd use the 1 piece crank till its dead. sheldon has an article on servicing them (he might call them ashtabula). there's parts, as well as a 1-piece conversion kit (to convert it to 3 piece, standard bb) here.

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