I'm double posting this here since I know all of you have had a Kryptonite lock of some kind.

Last week I lost my keys including the key to my Evolution Mini U-Lock. My spare keys are in a safe location such that even I cannot find them. So I called Kryptonite to request my two complimentary replacement keys, which I recieved today. Sadly, neither work on my lock. I haven't talked to Kryptonite yet because it is past their business hours.

Has anyone had a similar situation? I would like to know what I might be in for when I talk to them tomorrow.

1 - Assuming they can't or won't send me the correct keys, is it possible for me to send in my lock and have a new key made for it?

2 - If I end up buying a new lock, is it possible to get the old one re-keyed to match the new or vice versa?

Thank you in advance.


I just remembered that I had an older, regular sized, Evolution lock that I sold to a friend of mine about a year ago. Yes, it was a flat key. Both of these locks were registered under my name. I think what may of happened is that Krypto sent me keys for that lock. The guy I talked to was a little clumsy in his customer service skills and I had completely forgotten about that other lock.

I sent an email to my friend to see if my new keys match his lock.