So I usually go to Southern California for xmas, the O.C. (please hold your jeers until the end of this post). Anyhow, the OC bike shops mostly suck. Mostly beach cruisers, etc. But there is hope and I have to give this place some props.

There is this new shop in fullerton on harbor, only open 3 weeks. Called Banning's Bikes. They only have a few frames, but they actually have some track stuff. Cool place. So far they carry Soma, Surly and Pake. I talked to the manager and he's way into getting more fixed things. I filled him in a a few brands (since he's just learning) and was super receptive, wrote some names down.

They don't have a ton of stuff yet, but it looks like there is potential for a really nice shop. I was able to get some parts I need for a little build for my sister, plus some "while you wait" frame work.

Anyhow, thought I would mention it. Nice place.