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    Trackstar polo swap today

    For the NYC people, today's the day to get parts for that polo bike you've been needing.

    Trackstar is having a polo bike/parts swap today from 4-7 at the new shop. They have a bunch of parts including frames and wheels that they've saved over the past 2 years for polo bikes. So if you've been needing polo bike parts or a beater bike, today's the day to run over there and pick up something on the cheap. They are taking swaps for parts, or donations, so no set prices. Just don't go expecting a completely free frame, cuz that's just being ******, give 'em a part you don't need or a little monetary compensation for the space the parts been occupying.

    If you've been putting off polo cuz you don't have a polo/beater bike nows the time to get one so you can come out on sundays and play with us. You should've played anyways, but now you people really don't have an excuse not to come out.

    So again, it's from 4-7 today at their new shop on Eldridge just south of Houston.
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    there's a pretty good amount of stuff, old pedals and saddles, a few frames....all of it pretty cheap/free..... we like beer also.

    231 Eldridge St

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