last week while on juvi's site i stumbled upon this letter he posted up i hope he doesnt mind me putting here it made me real happy on the inside . I type this with 2 BROKEN WRISTS from coming down at our nationals this weekend gone . (those pics up soon as well a shi.t load of bike pics from all reaches of australia ). i love this shi.t ....push out the jive bring in the love .

Hey all,

Tonight I was over on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland, California and stopped into Montano Velo with my kids. I'd been there once before, but this time I was particularly impressed. Several shelves of Brooks. Wooden fenders. Wool jerseys. They had these drop-dead gorgeous track bikes: Nagasawas with gold Nitto gruppos, Gamwells, and then there were the Pegorettis. Jeez. I think a few may have come from the handbuilt show. There was one with beautiful curvy lugs, twin-plate fork crown, and yet, a threadless stem. Stunning nonetheless. The atmosphere was very down-to-earth. Another dad watched his toddler stumble about the shop, chased by playful Australian Sheperd. Then a guy with a mohawk walked in with a Cinelli track bike, and we all drooled. The sinking sun was casting the room in gold, the kids were laughing, and I found myself unable to leave, though a dinner party was calling. Outside, another Cinelli trackie was chained to a parking meter. A Nagasawa was chained to another. Two dudes, both with Giants caps and tattoos crawling up their necks, emerged, one with set of wheels, the other with a frame on his shoulder. "Did you see the lugs on that Nagasawa?" I heard him ask his friend. And then it struck me what beautiful thing this fixie craze is. Call it trendy, arty, pretentious, impractical, it's all those things. But it's returning a hip, youthful vigor to the sport from a place way outside the mainstream. It's reviving an interest in these classic steel bikes, in lugs, and lore. Maybe I'm preaching to the choir, but I see this as a very good thing. Now if I could only find a deal on one of dem Pegorettis...

Matt Isaacs
Walnut Creek, CA