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    Cross Country, and my first few days of freewheelin'


    I have a summer internship on the west coast and the rest of the year I'm in NC...

    So I stuffed my fixed gear in the back of the car and made the xcountry road trip, only to find out that my bent rim, pitted hub, and fixed gear were really not cutting it for the hilly socal coast.

    I was thinking I'd go freewheel singlespeed, but I wanted a rear brake and my rim was bent, which meant no rear brake without a new wheel.

    I went thirty miles on the coast highway between sandiego and oceanside and thought, time to do something about this ****ty rear wheel.

    Revocycles hooked me up with a great handbuilt wheel for 120; alex rim, dimension flipflop hub, and i put on my 17t freewheel.

    So, now I've got two brakes, a 48/17 ratio, and all the freewheelin' excitement I can handle...

    And I miss fixed.

    so I think i'll size down the chainring(I can't get up long hills) and get a 17t cog, so that way i'll be able to ride fixed and only switch to freewheel when I need it.

    Oh, I also got to hold a Phil track hub. Holy crap. AMAZING. the forged spoke holes really got me. Now I just need lots of skrilla.

    here's the bike now:

    and a very lonely fixed side of my hub
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