im going to ask this in the framebuilding forum too but i figured id ask here too. i was going to take the yamaguchi framebuilding class in colorado but i had a guy tell me that he heard that even though yamaguchi builds great bikes he isnt that great of a teacher. i called them and im not sure who i talked to but the people over ther didnt really seem to speak english that well. if im going to be taking a class i want to be able to communicate my ideas to them. the guy i talked to went to ubi and really liked it. hav any of you taken the class and had an opionion? im going to have a workshop and be building lugged frames after the class so its not just going to be a one time thing so i can have a bike. I know how to weld and braze and all the basics. iv taken jewelry classes so i know how to use a jewlers saw and iv done lost wax casting. the reason im taking the class is because i taught myself how to pinstripe and alot of other things and even though if gotten good at them id like a jump start without having to make rookie mistakes and learning from them. thanks