i am new to the forum, and have done some searching, but i have a couple of specific questions that i couldn't find answers to, so bear with me.

i am hoping to do my first SS conversion from a 2000 Giant Boulder SE.

My questions are these:

1) Does anyone know if these chain rings separate, or if they are by chance riveted together? Would I be able to reuse one of them in this set up? If not, do I also need to replace the hub & cranks? What kind should I get?

2) Since I have very few tools, are there some aspects of a conversion that I should have done by a bike shop? If so, what is the most difficult to do without proper tools? For example, I definitely cannot get the cranks/chain rings off at this point. I am also thinking of having them dis/reconnect the chain. OR should I just buy the tools and do it myself?

Any other tips for this type of bike would be great, if anyone has experience. I attached a picture of the bike, which is identical except that mine has front suspension .