Hi, I just got a new road bike, and realized it would be too good to leave around campus. So I thought why not get a single speed. I found a decent frame, dont know if its right for the job...But I hope you guys and gals can help me out here...

I have the opportunity to get a older used Specialized Allez Sport frame, with fork. So that would be my base.

Everything else I would need to buy. What that stuff is I don't know.

If you could be as so kind as to direct me into what is required to build a single speed, like parts and stuff...I know stuff like wheels, and handle bars, and seatpost and saddle...but I dont know what I need other that that... (ps. not a fixed...i think ill die...)

Also, maybe suggest a thread where I can learn after I get the parts how to build, even though I might just ask the guy next door who helps me once in a while if he can help me.

Thanks in advance, off to bed , ill see the responses in the morning.