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Thread: Raleigh Yukon

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    Raleigh Yukon

    I've got a Raleigh Yukon, Not precisely sure on the year but I'm quite sure it's from the mid 80's. It came with Bull Moose Handlebars and it was a 12 speed. I haven't been able to find any pictures of this bike or any information for that matter, I'm curious if it's rare?
    I measured the bottom bracket, it was a square taper spindle type when I pulled it, It has a 70mm shell and 127mm overall, it's badges and stickers say "USA bicycle company" I believe, or "an american bicycle company". Would any of you guys have any guesses as to the bb threading here? the components were suntour front and rear derailer, the pedal cranks said raleigh, the tubing is 502 chro-moly. I don't know if it will help, but the serial number was very readable on the bottom, I'll post that a bit later (bike isn't in front of me). Thanks in advanced.

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    This would have been from the mid-80's, it's not particularly rare but these are OK lugged frames. Sheldon Brown has the 1985 Raleigh catalog up, there's no Yukon listed but there are a few other Alaska-themed names so it's probably from a year or two either side of that.

    502 was a proprietary designation used by Raleigh, this is normal chromoly and probably straight gauge, not butted, so it's going to be on the heavy side. The shell may be 70mm wide due to funky manufacturing, but as far as I know there was never a USA Raleigh with anything but a normal english threaded BB. You could replace this with a regular old cartridge BB from shimano or whoever.

    I like these mid-80's USA Raleighs, they're as good as anything cheap that's out there today and they don't tend to have funky parts. I have one from this era that I've put 3000 miles or so on, much of it loaded, and it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
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