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    Sturmey Archer SS Coaster Brake

    Has anyone used the new Strumey Archer single speed coaster brake?

    (Other folks have this hub too, as wells as QBP, so the above it is not an endorsement, just an example)

    Is it better quality than the KT/Shimano CB hub? Is it a cone clutch like the KT, or a roller clutch like a Sachs/Velosteel, or other mechanism?

    I would love to fit an SS CB on my bike, I just cannot abide the drag while pedaling the KT style hub. After all on the joys of SS is efficiency.


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    a friend of mine just bilt up a beeter/go to the bar bike and put one on there. the drag isnt so bad, i spun the wheel while he had it upside down in the kitchen, and it cruised for a bit. As far as the clutch inside and all that i couldnt tell ya

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