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    Bike shops in Japan (help please)

    So I am building up a frame I have, and wanted to put some nice parts on it. I happen to have a friend who is in japan for winter break and was going to ask him to help me pick up like a nitto stem and sugino cranks out there because i'm guessing they'd be fairly cheaper there than they are here in the US.

    Does anyone know if the parts out there are in fact cheaper?


    If anyone could tell me the names and locations of some shops so i could tell him where to get some stuff for me that'd be great!

    one more thing

    This kid doesn't know a thing about bikes, if i wanted him to pick me up a pair of sugino 75's and a steel nitto jaguar stem is there anyway he should ask for them so that he's getting the right thing (this kid speaks little english, mostly japanese)?

    thanks guys

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    I assume he's in Tokyo?

    As in the states, most shops are overpriced and its best to mail order inside Japan. If he can do that...

    If he cant do that then Kalavinka is one of the few that isnt overpriced and will also have exactly what youre wanting in stock.

    Protech in Aoyama has decent prices though and is easier to get to than Kalavinka. They probably wont have the steel stems but will have the cranks. I saw some there the other day.
    There are other shops but they wont be easier for your friend and there are also good places around the outside of Tokyo but theyre remotely located and i doubt he'd want to ride way the hell outside Tokyo.

    edit: This place has some cool stuff for mailorder too.
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