Because I'm a geek, I get a weekly email from the State Library on what was in the papers a hundred years ago today. In honor of the ToC (apparently), yesterday's was cycling related:

1908: “Saucer Track Thrown Open. Motorcycles and Bicycles to Spin Today. Hair Rising Driving to be Feature of the Day. Twenty-five bicycle and motorcycle riders are entered to contest in the opening programme of wheel races at the new saucer eight-lap track at Seal Gardens this afternoon. Fifteen events will be given, including wheel and motorcycle, from one to five miles. All of the riders have been training faithfully for two weeks and are prepared to give exhibitions. Wheel devotees are eager to witness the races on the steep angle wooden track and many enthusiasts will be afforded their first view of the wheelman circling the planks at a dizzying pace.” Los Angeles Times (July 4, 1908) pg. I7
I'm guessing that the "saucer track" they're referring to is a velodrome. Do any of our SoCal members know anything about this?