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Thread: My Masi fixie

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    My Masi fixie

    After riding my Motobecane Mirage fixed road bike conversion (#8 on for several years, I decided to upgrade the frame and some of the components. I found this Masi Nuova Strada frame/fork on ebay with no mileage on it - bike salesman's sample. I built new wheels for it from Mavic CXP-33 hoops on a Surley flip-flop rear hub and a Campy Record front. Upgraded the saddle to a Terry Fly- same as my other road bikes. Got a Campy Centaur crankset with a 42 chainring and a 15 tooth cog and a 16 tooth freewheel. I have yet to use the freewheel, but it is there in case I find myself too far from home and running out of energy. It's got 3T Forma bars - my favorite. This bike has both aero brake levers hooked up and functional. Although I fortunately never needed a rear brake on my Motobecane I feel a bit safer in the event that I would have to make an emergency stop. Like all my bikes, I use double sided SPD MTB pedals because I like the convenience and walkability of MTB shoes. Tires are Vredstein tri-comps. I love riding this bike! Picture attached:

    Edit: OOPS! didn't mean to start a new thread. I wanted to add it as a post to the big "Your Fixie/SS Photos" thread.
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