Here is a view of my Peugeot PX-10 from the 1970's that I converted to fixed. this was an early project a number of years ago that I did and am very satisfied with. It has Phil wood hubs and b/b and Stronglight A-9 h/s both of which are available with the French thread neccessary to mount to this bike. Many people are put off by the obosolescent French thread issue of old Peugeot bikes but parts are available. You will have to pay a bit more for them but they allow you to finish out a bike that is near perfect in handling and appearance. Reynolds 531 DB frame, Fancy Nervex Professional Lugs and Long sloping chrome Simplex dropouts make for a classic style of fixed gear bike that is hard to duplicate with modern lugs. The T.A. Cyclotourist crankset is another French touch that is very appropriate to this bike. It was a fun project and made up into a wonderfull handling bike that rewards you for your effort every time you ride it.