Here is a rather interesting project that I completed last year. I had a standard Cinelli Super Corsa road bike that I had ridden for a few years and was no longer riding because of my all consuming interest in fixed gear bicycles. I thought it would provide a great platform to try some extensive modifications on. I ground off all the uneccessary fittings and had a set of Stainless Steel Track ends and S & S couplings installed and the bike repainted to the Pesto Green color you see. Phil Wood hubs and Bottom Brackets and Chris King h/s and Nitto track bars and road stem Shimano Cranks and Brooks Professional saddle and Campy Seatpost and pedals and brakes complete the package. But Wait! I wasn't done. I constructed a padded and compartmentalized carrying case out of Levi Blue Jean material that allows the uncoupled bike and wheels to be placed within a 2' x 2-1/2' x 8" space with the ability to transport it when it might not be otherwise possible to travel with a bike. No need to deal with a hard case when you arrive. Just fold it up and go. It even can be carried on your back ala Messenger bag as you ride off into the sunset. I was unsure what the effect of the S & S couplings would do to the frame, but I can state that it handles as good or even better when you consider it adds no more weight than a second water bottle to the over all pkg. I actually think it adds to the stiffness of the frame but it may be the Track ends that contribute as the wheel is closer to the seat tube than originally configured. A great addition to my ever expanding fleet and a fun project.