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    Question about service at LBSs...

    I have noticed that at a lot of bike shops the service while in the store seems great but once I am out of the store the service is non-existent.

    1. LBS in my town: Said they would call me about getting a frame for me, never called. I had to call them multiple time to find out they didn't want to bother with the dealer.

    2. LBS in my town: Asked for price on frame. Said they would call with the price never did.

    3. LBS in other city: Lost my shipping info and phone number and would not have heard from them about a frame ordered through them if not for me calling them. Service once I gave them my number again has been good.

    4. LBS in other city: Almost never picks up phone during normal business hours posted on their website.

    5. LBS in other city: Said they would order parts for me. Never called to tell me the dealer was out of stock and had no idea when or if they would get stock again. Only told me once I called them two weeks later (wasting my time when I could have ordered from someone else earlier). The one part they did order for me was the wrong part.

    Am I the only one this happens to or is this really common in the industry. I was talking to a friend about this happening over and over again with bike shops and he said maybe its the laid back nature of those that run them.

    What do you guys and gals think? What have your experiences been?

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    it's summertime - the height of cycling season.

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