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    coaster sprocket question

    i ride a coaster conversion, and have had extreme difficulty in getting a sprocket under 17t, so i run a 56t chainring. i still would like a smaller sprocket so i kept looking, then read on sheldon brown's site that modern coaster sprockets are the same as the ones on internal 3 speed hubs. he also has them available for order on his site. the coaster hub i use is a shimano hi-stop and i was wondering if anyone has had any luck with using the sprockets on his site or any other information as to where (besides velosteel) i can get a coaster sprocket under 17t.

    thanks in advance

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    There are many sprockets under 17. Most common is the 16. I have rarely seen a 15. The 17 is rare in my books as well.

    Boatloads of 16 and 18 around. Many are shimano compatible. Look for the three internal rounded mounting points.

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