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    Canadian shipping solutions

    Ok I read a lot about us Canucks having issues getting stuff from bike island, BD and others. I have an option for you.

    I use

    I recently had a standup arcade game shipped from Arizona to them. I drove 100 metres across the border and picked it up and cleared customs myself. Easy as pie.

    When I lived in Turks & Caicos, I had a camera that needed warranty repair. They would not ship outside the US on returning it to me, so I had it shipped to letter carrier, they took my credit card and shipped it to me for $20 (cheap). It was already boxed so it was quick and easy.

    Call them up and put your name on their list. When your shipment comes in they will charge your card and ship it USPS to you on the cheap. Calling them is never easy since it's a pretty rinky dink operation that is seriously overwhlemed by all of the population of Vancouver. When you do get them on the phone they are thorough.

    Hope this helps getting parts and bikes into your hands.

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    i'd use "tsb shipping instead. they offer better service, and they store the products better than thelettercarrier

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    Yeah they are about 10 times the price however. $4 for my pallet or $30 from TSB. If you can't get there within 24 hours of it being dropped off, it's $60. Letter Carrier, still $4.

    TSB does not freight forward, but you can pick up from them. Not really the option we're looking for. unless they have added this service recently...

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