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    long pull reverse brake lever on bullhorns bar?

    I just bought my first SS and I have a question I hope you guys can help me with. I've done a pretty though search on these forums and also talked to my LBSs. Hopefully I can get a few good options here too.

    My ride is a Specialized Centrum Sport, SS, with mechanical disc brakes (yes I've heard the argument on why discs on a SS). In any case, I want to switch my flat handlebars for drilled Dimension bullhorns. I would also like to place pursuit/reverse brake levers. However, I need long-pull brake levers for the Shimano mechanical disc brakes. My LBS says I might get away with normal short lever pusuit levers like the Soma pursuit lever, but it's a trial and error thing to see if these enough clearance to accommodate the long pull. The other option is to use cross levers, however these are also short pull levers as well. I've been told my stock Shimano levers will not likely fit on the bullhorns. I guess the last resort is to ditch the disc brakes all together.

    Any suggestions? Thanks for everyone's input.
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