Hi there, seeing as there is an abundance of messenger bags out there but none have a set of features you can either add on or take off or make a custom bag for a decent price, I was looking into making some bags myself.

Thing is, as opposed to just making a bag and saying 'well, here it is, like it or not' I would rather listen to the cycling community and ask 'what do you want?' and start making models from there.

More specifically, I am doing this because I could not find a single messenger bag, that was made that had the following all in one bag:

- cross strap with waist strap
- metal re-enforced hinges (D-loops)
- quick release straps
- water-proof material
- large reflective fabric panels
- multiple re-enforced compartments (laptop sleeve, say a binder sleeve or box sleeve, storage pocket, storage panels, all in one bag)
- waterproof inner lining
- adjustable strap that extend if too short (as in add on to it - modular strap) or vise verse
- one size fits all laptop sleeve (my ibm laptop bag has foam pads that can be inserted or removed to accommodate to the size of the laptop being inserted up to a 17")

stuff like that is what I am looking for in a bag and I am thinking the only way to get that in a bag is either get it custom made for like 240$-400$ depending on where I get it or spend about 100$-200$ in materials and do it myself. I honestly think that at a good price point and listening to people will get a bag or bags out into the market that will satisfy more and get less of a question of 'what bag should I buy? / What's a good bag to buy'

Lots of feedback and no trolling would be nice.

A sticky for this post would be great too.