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Thread: Two questions

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    Two questions

    I've read somewhere on this forum that it is possible to use a b/b lockring to convert a s/s to fixed. How does one do this, and will it work on a cassette that was converted to s/s. I also want to repaint my frame cheaply, but nicely. I would prefer to do it myself rather than pay a shop to do it. Can I simply sand the old paint to get some texture, primer and paint, or is it more complicated that that.
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    in order for the old school BB lockring trick to work, you need a threaded-type hub (one where the freewheel threads onto the hub). you get yourself a track cog, thread that onto the hub, then thread the BB lockring right up next to it, use some locktite, and make sure it's REALLY tight.

    i don't know much about i can't help you there. someone else can though. lots of folks have repainted their frames.

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