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Thread: Wheelset help.

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    Wheelset help.

    Hello yall.

    Just had a quick question for picking a wheelset for my on order Surly Steamroller. I am planning on running it as a single speed with brakes and some 28c Panaracer Pesla Tours as my foul weather bike. I am trying to decide on a wheelset for it without paying an arm and a leg.

    I have a set of Deep-V's on my Pake and really like them but I dont know that that is the look I am going for nor do I want to pay for them this time around. I also have a cheap Weinmann rim wheelset on a Bianchi conversion that was the first fixed wheelset I bought and it has surprisingly held together quite well.

    I am looking at the Mavic CXP22 for the Surly with Formula 32 hole sealed fixed/freewheel hub. Do you guys think this would be a good choice? Do you recommend anything else for the application?

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    I'd say get the CXP22 wheelset and put them on your nice bike. Weinmanns on your beater/foul weather bike. They're already heavy as balls might aswell slap some good fattys on them.

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