ok, so this is my second attempt at converting an old road bike to a single speed (first was an old kabuki that ended up being a complete waste of time). hopefully with this bike, i'll get it. here is what i need help with. i just purchased a 27inch wheelset off ebay which should fit nicely.

so now i'm looking for a freewheel, chain, and chainring.

im looking at this freewheel:


this chain:


and this chainring:


here are my questions...

how is that freewheel? i've never heard of Dicta.

how will i know if the chainring will fit on my fuji? and will it require me to buy a whole new crankset? or would using one of the chainrings that came with the bike make life easier?

if all works out...will that chain suffice?

if any of you could help me out at all that would be great. im trying to throw this bike together asap.