First, I'm a newbie to this forum and a relative newbie to SSing. Got a SISS in November. Converted a road bike to SS in December. SSing is like kissing my first girl. Anyway, despite the fact that my rear wheels on both bikes ARE NOT slipping, I notice that after a time my chain is not as taught as it was when I set it up. One bike has quick release, the other is bolted. I have not dropped the chain, but just wondering what is going on.

Too, do you guys play with the cones and bolts from time to time because of all the torque SSing generates? I think the rear wheel on my SISS might not be as loose as I would like it.

Thanks. I live in Michigan (Detroit area) and we have some gentle hills. It's amazing how much gear you don't need. SSing gives me a totally new perspective on cycling, even after riding for 22 years.